Ed Hill (footyfoot) wrote in delta_belune,
Ed Hill

An attempt to get things moving...

Here's a little attempt to get some discussion moving- A topical question!
Namely: In FSS, what is your least favorite MH design- and why?
As for me- I'll go first by saying that the FSS version of the Auge never lit my fire- I dislike the swoopy active veils on the shoulder, as well as the wastebasket-shaped head. The entire package just looks to me like a bunch of junk glued to a starved Mirage machine. The KOG 2 doesn't impress me either, what with the Lisa Simpson starhead stuck on in place of the original design and lack of Buster Rock. But the Eleshis really bugs me, mainly because it has NO HEELS. Nagano may claim that it has super-duper cat-like balance or suchlike- but no matter what kind of ninja-voodoo nonsense he drapes over it, it still looks dumb to me...
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I've never liked the special scritte (I think I spelled that right) A-Tolls. And in my Humble Opinion the Maglow and Berlin (along with most of the non-knighthood MHs) are ugly [I know that the Berlins are technically a knighthood MH but still).
Oh yes- how could I have forgotten the Scritti A-Toll? That is easily the butt-ugliest MH ever. It looks like a pangolin (a scaly anteater) with a skin disease... what the hell was Nagano thinking?
And the heavy armor variants. The Siren and Zakker are ugly (the zakker was ugly, but tolerable, to begin with but now...). And Vatshu is just bad, it's not as bad as the other two though.
I really dislike the JAGD Mirage. Something that tall balancing on itty-bitty high heels like that? The laws of physics are rolling over in their graves.